Metropolis is a global collective of documentary filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on real stories from every corner of the world since 2008.

Metropolis is broadcast by Dutch public television broadcaster HUMAN on Sundays at 9:05 PM (CET). It is a 15-minute program made up of three stories from three different countries by three local correspondents. Every episode has one topic. These topics range from how we deliver goods to how we celebrate parties, from raising children to our connection with death. The topics are chosen so that everybody can identify with them.

Our network is truly global: from New York to Beijing and from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, our video correspondents give a unique insight into their countries, cultures and lifestyles. So far more than 600 reports have been produced on over 40 global topics. Metropolis has won awards for best New Media initiative in The Netherlands and also got a special commendation at the Prix Europa festival in Berlin.

Metropolis gives you an insight into how different countries and cultures deal with the same topic, from a very local perspective. For an impression of an episode, check NPO Start, or check our YouTube-channel for separate stories. From 2008 until 2021 the program has been broadcast by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, now it's part of HUMAN

Film makers from all over the world are still welcome to join our network. For further questions you can contact us anytime at


HUMAN is a Dutch national public broadcast organization, active in the fields of television, radio, podcast and internet publishing. HUMAN has been broadcasting since 1989. 

Its television department is a well-watched, non-commercial, national broadcaster. As a public broadcaster with a long tradition of independence, we inform our audience with high quality programs without prejudice and with a humanistic view on people and society.

HUMAN contributes to the public discourse. Our audience can find us on a multitude of platforms: on television and radio, podcasts and during live events.

Global citizenship and humanistic values as self-determination and freedom of speech are core values of HUMAN. We encourage interest, engagement and participation by being involved in a broad range of cultural, journalistic and scientific activities. We have numerous awards as Prix Europa and many prizes at internationally renowned film festivals.