Hoe staat het dezer dagen met dominee Terry Jones, de man die van president Obama nog het bevel heeft gekregen te stoppen met het verbranden van de Koran?

Het gaat prima met Terry Jones. Hij is geen actieve dominee meer, maar patatbakker. Gourmet Fries, heten ze in Bradenton, Florida. Wij zouden ze misschien Vlaamse friet noemen.

Vice.com laat mooie foto’s van de patatzaak, die hij samen runt met zijn twee broers:

‘He's not making as many headlines these days. The shopping center is a relatively quiet mall, with both a $1 Plus store and a $5 or Less store. There's a dollar movie theater, a JC Penny, and a Hot Topic. The floors are tile and some of the ceilings glass, with pop music playing through the loudspeakers. Jones's french fry stand is right on the corner of the small food court. It was jarring to see him standing there, in a casual blue shirt and jeans, working the fryer and taking orders—I've only ever seen him in a suit. He had the same handlebar mustache as always, but looked skinnier, and seemed relaxed”.

Wel is hij altijd op zijn hoede, altijd gewapend:

“According to the Bradenton Herald, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office recently indicated they were unaware of any active threats against Jones. But he remains vigilant. "I wouldn't say we are scared, but we definitely are very cautious," he told me. "I am always armed—always. And I'm very careful when I travel, when I go to the parking lot at night, and when I go home at night. I think al Qaeda and ISIS, well, it's a proven fact that they mean business. And it looks as though they are after those people on the hit list." He said opening the fry stand is a way to express patriotism, a way to show that he's not going to back down, and that he's not going to go into hiding”.

Hier trouwens de hitlijst met Terry Jones, en natuurlijk ook met Salmon Rushdie, Geert Wilders en Ayaan Hirsi Ali: