documentary project ‘Maelstrom’

Maelstrom – a visual and poetic journey through the memories of Syrians

For our documentary project ‘Maelstrom’ we are searching for videos of personal moments, people or places that are left behind in Syria. 

If you would like to contribute to the documentary, please send your videos to:

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What is the documentary project ‘Maelstrom’ about?
This documentary is a visual journey through the memories of Syrians. A story told by means of videos that are saved on mobile phones, computers, tablets or that have been posted online. With this project we hope to show the lives Syrians had to leave behind when they fled their country. We are not looking for videos that show the war, but – on the contrary - for your personal and touching memories of Syria. Moments, people and places that are being missed and you can’t return to.

What kind of video-footage are we looking for?
The keywords are: personal memories from daily life. For example: your daily walk to school, the view from your family house, your little brother getting a haircut, singing together with friends, riding a bike as a child, diving from a bridge over the river, a visit to the beach, that one day it snowed in your hometown. Any personal moments that you’ve filmed and that you cherish.

What will we do with your video footage?
A selection of the collected video’s will be used for the found footage documentary. This documentary will be broadcasted by the Dutch Public Broadcasting Channel on national television in 2018. Additionally, a cross section of the footage will be published on our website as part of an online monument dedicated to the Syrian lives that have been left behind. If we use your material, of course we will let you know.

If you have footage you would like to donate to this project or have any questions, please contact us.

Misja Pekel
0031 641211247

Anke Hellebrand
0031 648070625

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